How to Unlock the Entrepreneurial Miracle Habit

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Mir·a·cle /ˈmirək(ə)l/ noun: A highly improbable or extraordinary event, development, or accomplishment that brings very welcome consequences.

Miracles are not a common topic among entrepreneurs. In business, unpredicted sales, unexpected press coverage, or accidental clients are like miracles.

The truth is, miracles are possible. But, you must create a reality that welcomes them.

How do you produce the circumstances to recognize and seize miracles?

It’s simple: by establishing strong, healthy boundaries between different areas of your life. Check out a few things I share below as a female business mentor to experience a difference.

Entrepreneurs don’t create healthy boundaries. Instead, they operate with an “all business, all the time” philosophy. Creating boundaries between The Entrepreneur’s 12 Key Areas of Life™ is fundamental.

If you want to experience living The Freedom Lifestyle you create effective boundaries. In my Amazon #1 bestseller, I define the Key Areas of Life (Environment, Well Being, Growth, Spirituality, Contribution, Self-Image, Business, Wealth, Social, Family, Recreation, and Love).

Consider this, how balanced is your business sphere versus the other 11 areas? My guess is that areas of imbalance are creating unworkability.

Entrepreneurs are sometimes overzealous; we work overtime and don’t get enough rest. We face an endless supply of tasks and place work first and above everything else, even ourselves.

Sounds familiar? I reckon it might!

The Solution? You must be able to set boundaries over which work is not allowed to cross.

Establish a daily cut-off time and honor it

A “cut-off time” is defined as the moment in which you, the entrepreneur, stops working.

You must experience life outside of your work. Clients can and will wait. It is up to you to manage your client’s expectations and project timelines.

You need to be free to run errands, go to the gym, read a book, or spend time with friends/family – or yourself.

In fact, as I am considered an expert and female business mentor, I am granting you permission to decide what your cut-off time will be!

My current cut-off time is 6:45 pm. Working after this time is an exception and a deliberate choice. I reserve the time after 6:45 pm for the other important things in my life.

You must be able to set boundaries over which work is not allowed to cross.

You think you’re making a difference in your business by grinding it out, but you’re not.

John Pencavel’s study (Stanford University) shows the relationship between working hours and productivity. Your productivity plunges after a 50-hour workweek and plummets drastically after 55 hours. What’s shocking is that someone who puts in 70 hours, produces nothing more with those extra 15 hours.

My former endurance coach, Nat, has an incredibly steady relationship with boundaries. But it wasn’t always that way! I don’t know why I was surprised to discover this. Maybe it’s because he was a great example of a business owner operating with peace and freedom. If there was ever a guy living The Freedom Lifestyle, in my eyes it was him.

In his early entrepreneur days, Nat got little sleep and was snoozing off during events. He stopped operating that way by accident when he started training for the Ironman.

During his training, Nat began to feel happier and more energized. He started to have regular sleep patterns again, instead of falling asleep in the middle of the day. He enjoyed being active and began to learn the necessary steps to operate that way all the time.

I needed to recognize my business as a separate entity from myself. Through this experience, I discovered that if I allow my business to take more than it gives back, life becomes unsustainable.

PRACTICE THIS: It’s important to remember that we’re human and have some finite capacities. Examine the areas of your life where setting boundaries will make a difference for you.

Recognize and seize miracles

What is the difference between an opportunity and a problem? The answer is perception.

According to The Study, perception allows you to take necessary information in and use it.

Recognizing and seizing business opportunities depends on your awareness. It depends on whether you are in the position to recognize those circumstances. If you are exhausted, fatigued, stressed, and overwhelmed you miss those opportunities. You will also not be able to muster the mental (and physical) energy to deal with the work that comes along with them.

PRACTICE THIS: Ask yourself, the way you currently conduct your life, will it permit you to act upon the unexpected opportunities – the miracles?

If the answer is no, it’s time to establish your boundaries between the 12 Key Areas of Life™. It’s time to let yourself become the best entrepreneur you can be.

Habit #39 of Cure Entrepreneurialitis: 52 Ways to Earn the Freedom Your Deserve.

Establish a daily cut-off time and honor it.

The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.

Here are few extra tips as a female business coach that help you to unlock the entrepreneurial miracle:

The habit of getting up early

First, maintain a habit of getting up early. You can find many examples of successful billionaires who tell you to leave bed early. It gives you ample time to manage what needs to be done and helps you to gain health benefits over a period of time. Of course, you need to be self-determined to make a shift from a night owl into an early bird.

Meticulous planning

The world’s most successful entrepreneurs are born to be meticulous planners. Making a plan for the day and achieving it is never less than easier said than done. Your plans must route your goals through your daily accomplishments. You will improve based on the challenges you face each time you complete a goal.

Set daily business promises

Last but not least, entrepreneurs do follow the moral of the rabbit and turtle story – slow and steady wins the race. Thus, it’s not only working on long-term goals but also engaging in daily promise setting. Every single day’s promises are set on the way to achieve the long-term goal.

If your dream is to become a female entrepreneur living The Freedom Lifestyle and want to unlock the entrepreneurial miracle get in touch with me.

Damian Reid is the CEO of Damian M. Reid International and a holistic whole life mentor and coach. He’s earned a reputation for discovering what clients are missing from their ideal life. His unconventional solutions create effective breakthroughs in the 12 Key Areas of Life™.

Damian’s an Amazon international (U.S., Canada and Australia) bestselling author. He’s also the creator of the 7 Steps to The Freedom Lifestyle System™. His greatest passion is making a difference working with people to fulfill their dreams.

Damian’s professional career path includes business consulting, personal development, marketing and sales in several industries. He’s worked with major corporations such as Bell, Landmark Worldwide, Rogers and Cossette Communications.

He personifies a 3rd generation entrepreneur and started his first company at the tender age of 13. Damian has followed an entrepreneurial path for over 35 years and launched six successful start-ups. He currently runs three Canadian based businesses.

As an international speaker, he’s provided training to tens of thousands of people. Damian loves designing and delivering programs that transform all the areas of clients’ lives.

Damian has a fierce commitment to the area of mental health. His own journey with depression dates to his teenage years. It represents the driving force behind creating a non-profit. This organization supports entrepreneurs with depression and those who love and support them.

Damian is actively pursuing his Top 100 (Bucket) List. This year, you will find him journeying to Iceland in pursuit of the Northern Lights, learning how to aquascape, growing his first bonsai tree, and scuba diving some of the amazing tropical reefs he has yet to see.

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