10 Steps to Uncover Your Purpose Now and Live a Life You Love

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by Damian Reid


Do you ever feel you’re moving through life without any sense of direction? You’re not alone – many people struggle with this. It is more common with businesswomen than you might think. The good news is that it’s never too late to discover your purpose and live with more aliveness. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 steps that can assist you in uncovering your purpose. Wouldn’t it be great to live a life that is fulfilling, and purposeful and do what you love?

Your “Purpose” goes by many different names, including your mission and your why. No matter what you call it, embodying it is not only important but critical. Your Purpose is the second of the 4 Pillars of The Freedom Lifestyle. I explore these 4 pillars in the 1st and 2nd steps of my 7 Steps to The Freedom Lifestyle™ system as a high performance coach. Discovering your purpose is critical in the creation of your ideal life. It’s the “why” behind you creating all of it.

Your Purpose rarely has anything to do with you as an individual. It’s about creating something for the people or causes you care about. Sometimes, before we establish our why, it requires peeling away all the surface layers. A common layer that pops up first is obtaining money or material possessions. There is almost always something underneath that’s related to making a difference.

When people tell me ‘making money’ is important, I dig deeper. Then they state something like, ‘I need to be able to contribute x to my family’. Or, ‘because I want to construct schools in Africa’. When I enquire more, I discover it has nothing to do with schools. Instead, it comes from a deeper commitment to children having access to education. That’s the difference they truly want to make.

Harvard University researchers conducted a study on a higher sense of purpose in life. The study defined this as having meaning, a sense of direction and clear goals in life. Those with this trait are more likely to remain healthy and strong as they grow older.

Other studies by the study’s lead researcher, Eric Kim, have also found a higher sense of purpose in life correlates to reduced risks of disability, stroke, heart disease, sleep issues and other health problems. It turns out that living from a higher purpose not only has you feel better but live longer as well!

When you don’t live consistently with your purpose, a struggle is likely. It’s important to pay attention when this starts to occur. You want to recognize when it’s time to stop. You need to get clear on where there is a disconnect between your current actions and your fulfilling what you are here for.

Many different techniques exist to discover and articulate your purpose. There is no one correct way no matter what anyone tells you. What’s important is that you experience being connected to it. It needs to resonate with you to the core. My “why”, as you might have guessed by now, is to serve people in fulfilling their dreams. It’s what I fight for and what I live for. It’s the basis of everything I practice — what drives me every single day. Nothing can shake me out of it.

When you discover your purpose, nobody can mess with you about it. Everything I manage, every business I work in, and every action I take represents fulfilling dreams. There is no question about it for me. People can challenge me, but no one can unsettle me from my commitment. It’s down in my bones and it’s what I embody every day.

Some people attempt to mess with me about my purpose. It happens when I’m at events and speaking engagements. They stress what they consider the limits of what I am teaching or why I’m wrong. I’m polite but firm and state some version of ‘I respect your opinion. However, many will attain The Freedom Lifestyle out of what I do. They will pursue their passions and accomplish the things they consider impossible. It’s simply the way it’s going.’ Critics will either align with the abstractions in my 7-step system or not. Either way, I’m ok with standing for passions and purpose.

Follow these 10 steps to support you in creating a purpose or a “why” for yourself that is as inspiring to you as mine is to me.

Step 1: Reflect on Your Passions

The first step to discovering your purpose is to reflect on your passions. What are the things you enjoy? What makes you feel energized and excited? Create a list of these pursuits and see how you can incorporate them into your life in a more meaningful way.


Step 2: Identify Your Values

Your values represent what’s most important to you. Identifying these can assist you in realizing what you stand for and what you desire in life. Take some time to consider what matters to you and how you can align yourself with your core values.


Step 3: Think About Your Talents and Skills

Your talents and skills are the things that you’re good at. Think about what comes easy to you and what you enjoy doing. Consider how you can employ these talents and skills to pursue a purposeful life.


Step 4: Reflect on Your Life Experiences

Your experiences can be a valuable source of insight. They can guide you toward discovering your purpose. Recall the moments in your life that have had the greatest impact on you. See how you can apply these to sharing your inner joy with the world.


Step 5: Set Goals

It’s time to prepare goals once you have a clear understanding of your passions, values, and experiences. Make a list of the things you want to accomplish and the steps you require to obtain them. If you have an interest in setting SMARTER goals we have a program to support that.


Step 6: Get Curious

Curiosity is a key ingredient in discovering your life’s purpose. Be open to new feelings and take the time to explore the things that interest you. Postulate questions, attempt new experiences and remain willing to step outside of your comfort zone.


Step 7: Discover Inspiration

Finding inspiration can aid you in remaining motivated and focused on your purpose. Search for people, books, or other resources that inspire you. Incorporate these sources of inspiration into your daily routine.


Step 8: Connect with Like-Minded People

Connecting with like-minded individuals can help you remain accountable. They supply you with a sense of community. Seek out groups who share your interests and values. Find ways to establish meaningful, supportive relationships with them.


Step 9: Take Action

Action is the key to living a purposeful life. Don’t THINK about your goals and aspirations; TAKE concrete measures to make them a reality. Even small steps can have a big difference in the long run.


Step 10: Be Patient

Discovering your life purpose is a journey, and it’s important to embody patience. Don’t anticipate having all the answers immediately. Remain positive if things don’t proceed as planned. Continue moving forward, and trust that you’ll find your way.


Creating your life purpose requires reflection, introspection, and action. You can start to uncover your passions, values, and talents by following these 10 steps. Why not live a life that feels more fulfilling and purposeful? Remember to be patient, stay curious, and take steps every day. All it requires is a little persistence and dedication.



Damian Reid is the CEO of Damian M. Reid International (www.damianmreid.com). He is a Performance and Freedom Lifestyle Mentor, Coach, and International Speaker. Damian has a reputation for rapidly assessing what is missing across the 12 Key Life Areas™. He defined these in his Amazon #1 international (US, Canada and Australia) bestselling book. He is the creator of The 7 Steps to The Freedom Lifestyle™ system. His effective, unconventional solutions produce significant breakthroughs in clients’ businesses and personal lives. Damian is one of 225+ Full Focus Planner Certified PROs in the world (fullfocusmentor.com).

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