Want the Astonishing, Powerful Rewards of Spirituality in Your Life?

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by Damian M. Reid

“Success is a metric; you can never have enough. But only you can define fulfilment. We as individuals are the only judges”.

– Dr. Ricardo Levy, President and CEO of Catalytica Energy Systems Inc.


Many of you started reading this wondering where it fits with business coaching. Are you asking, ‘what does spirituality have to do with creating The Freedom Lifestyle’? For some business women, this is an easy question to answer. For others, it can be a difficult and touchy subject.

You might observe a religion, believe in some higher power or live as an atheist. We are all affected by some form of spirituality. In my international bestselling book , I define “Spirituality” as one of the 12 Key Areas of Life. It is, “your moments and practice of transcendence within the human experience where you discover and question the meaning of personal existence and attempt to place the self within a broader ontological context.”

Spirituality has a broad-reaching scope into many areas of life, why not business? Consider, you need a good relationship with your spirituality to experience living free. It doesn’t matter what path you choose, but that you choose one and that you’re grounded in that choice. Being grounded spiritually puts you in touch with yourself and with what matters. It is one access to do what you love and enjoy more of it.

Spirituality is often connected to feeling pride in ourselves and our actions. That right does not belong to any institution or individual. It is about our personal beliefs and choices. We decide who gets to judge us.

When I speak about spirituality in the above context, I am not referring to any specific God or religion. Spirituality is all-encompassing and all-inclusive. It is whatever you think is spiritual beyond our human knowledge of existence.

Spirituality can include:

  • All religions
  • All gods
  • Higher powers
  • Energy
  • Zen
  • Sciences
  • Or whatever you choose to believe

How does spirituality link to the entrepreneur’s workplace and running a business? And, what does it have to do with what we specialize in, business coaching for women?

According to Visionary Lead, many people notice that there’s more to life than profits. It’s hard not to have heard the buzz about the “triple bottom line,” a commitment to “people, planet, profit”. There is equal importance placed on the business, employee welfare and the environment.

Many companies choose to integrate spirituality and mindfulness in the workplace. Apple and Google provide prayer and meditation rooms in their office spaces. Patagonia apparel offers yoga during employee breaks to increase peacefulness and productivity. Evian employed it in their advertising: “Your body is the temple of your spirit.” Have you seen the quote, “do what you love and love what you do?” What if embracing spirituality is part of what’s missing for you?

Stanford professor, Scotty McLennan believes integrating spirituality and business leads to more success. He says, bringing your beliefs to work can make you more happy, productive, and successful.

“Your profession is not what brings home your weekly paycheck. Your profession is what you’re put here on earth to do, with such passion and such intensity that it becomes spiritual in calling.”

– Vincent van Gogh, artist.

The global pandemic has made it impossible to ignore our shared humanity. We are all connected. We are all constituted of flesh and bone created from tiny molecules of energy. We, the individuals on this planet exist as a pinprick on a pinprick in the universe. We are insignificant in the bigger scope of it all. Yet each of us is an absolute miracle!

Arguing about differences in religion or which version is correct can be pointless. We are essentially all the same. This is the thinking we need in the workplace. Equality and treating others as we wish to be treated are key. Especially when it comes to working with teammates or customers.

Suzanne West of the Huffington Post argues that ‘Spirituality is the knowingness that we are all connected. We are in awe and wonder of its vastness of being’.

She believes that happiness and spirituality are synonymous, thus necessary in the workplace. ‘Meditation is the best business skill ever learned. When we are in spirit, we are inspired. We become better creators in our businesses‘.

In a Harvard Business School study, author and journalist Tony Schwartz determined his life goal was not profit. He discovered that his “primary values” include: humility, service, health, and authenticity.

The study established that more people are placing importance in:

  • Social justice,
  • Ethical values,
  • Balance for all in the workplace.

Spirituality elevates your business by:

  • Raising the level of integrity, honesty, accountability, quality, cooperation, service, intuition, trustworthiness, respect, justice, and service. Especially in the eyes of the customer.
  • Increasing creativity. Workers experience high-stress levels in jobs where creativity is essential for growth.
  • Cultivating an ethical culture. Materialism no longer satisfies employees and managers. They start to fear their mortality.
  • Reducing stress levels. By practicing exercises such as deep breathing and meditation, workers embody higher productivity.
  • Making actions and decisions are more mindful and congruent.
  • Fostering the building of shared values.
  • Allowing everyone to remain humble in the face of temptation and power.

“You must align your business with your life purpose or passions”.

– Fabienne Fredrickson, author, founder of Boldheart and recipient of 2013’s Stevie Award for Entrepreneur of the Year

You will feel surprise at the freedom experienced when you do daily work on spirituality. Implementing daily, meaningful spiritual practices will improve your access to entrepreneur success!

Damian Reid is the CEO of Damian M. Reid International. He’s a leading business mentor and creator of the 7 Steps to The Freedom Lifestyle system. His forte is assessing what is missing from the Entrepreneur’s 12 Keys Areas of Life. His effective and unconventional solutions create significant breakthroughs in entrepreneur women’s lives.

He’s the Amazon #1 international (U.S., Canada and Australia) bestselling author of “Cure ‘Entrepreneurialitis’: 52 Habits to Earn the FREEDOM You Deserve. His greatest passion is making a difference as an entrepreneur coach. To him, entrepreneurs represent the most courageous people on the planet.

Damian has followed an entrepreneurial path for over 35 years. This includes launching six successful start-ups. As an international speaker and high performance coach, he’s trained tens of thousands.

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